About MoSwo PR

Prior to 1997, I volunteered and interned for every sporting event or network out there from Atlanta to St. Louis to both get my feet wet & my name out there.  Between Special Olympics, NFL, corresponding from Atlanta as an Olympic special columnist or running the press operation for the Charles Schulz Memorial, I have had wide experiences in the field of public relations. It wasn't until 1997 when ESPN hired me to join their communications department that I truly learned the meaning of PR and how to do it well under every circumstance including crisis situations.  

Sixteen years and more than 100 events later, I developed relationships with media, athletes, sponsors and action sports icons who made it the best part of my job at ESPN.

The name MoSwo PR started with the athletes who over time felt like Moses-Swope was too formal, so I became Katie MoSwo - only fitting for that to become the name of my company where athletes and their PR are my priority.

I am excited for the future of MoSwo PR, and the people, businesses and brands that have joined me on this adventure.