An Icon, A Champion, My Friend

Like everyone else who knew Dave Mirra, I am having trouble finding the words to express my feelings of such loss. Twenty years of friendship, memories, interviews, appearances and just so much fun. When I left ESPN to start my own company, Dave was the first person to call me and say "sign me up...I want to work with you". It was an honor to accept and work with such a legend in one sport paving his way, and excelling, in another sport. He took the triathlon world by storm, earning the respect of so many pro triathletes, but he lived and breathed BMX. One of our recent phone conversations made me smile because he told me that he was training on his road bike inside his house on his rollers, and he did an impromptu bunny hop off the rollers, and he got more likes and comments from that clip than anything else he ever shared. His BMX fans loved seeing Dave do even the simplest BMX trick...even on a road bike. I am so very sad, but feel immensely grateful that I called Dave my friend and shared in a little part of his journey.


Charlie Brown Creator, My Mentor

Fifteen years ago today, the world lost the greatest cartoonist of all time or better known as creator of the Peanuts comic strip. I loved Charlie Brown as a kid, but I didn't realize the profound affect Charles Schulz was going to have on me as an adult and into my career.