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After my surgery, back in my room, my wife Sara and I looked at each other. “Alright, do you want to see it?” We took the blankets off my leg — the part of it that was still there. I try to keep things simple, and not overanalyze. Half of my left leg was gone. I actually did okay with that part. But the craziest feeling was when I picked up my leg and there was no weight to it. Physically, that felt extremely weird.  It kind of freaked me out.

How a terrifying crash turned Alana Nichols into a really good surfer

espnW - Audrey Cleo Yap

Alana Nichols is no stranger to Mount Hood. The mountain and potentially active volcano stands at an elevation of more than 11,000 feet in northern Oregon, and by June 2013, Nichols had already practiced on it for about six years. The grooves of the terrain, the steepness of the slope and the texture of the snow were all familiar to the three-time Paralympic gold medalist.

But as she slid down on the first day of practice runs, the right edge of her ski got caught on the heavy, wet snow. Unable to shimmy off in time, Nichols slammed into a boulder. Her body bounced off the rock, and she broke both of her ankles and dislocated her right shoulder during the tumble.

A pint-size star: Issaquah 6-year-old dazzles with X-Games level skateboard skills

Seattle Times - Geoff Baker

Fox Rio Brunner has an Instagram account with 32,000 followers, while his parents screen calls from agents and would-be sponsors. His parents watch as their 6-year-old performs “railslides’’ at a Bellevue outdoor skateboard park. Fox Rio Brunner tumbles on the concrete, dusts himself off and gets back up to try the same move. “Are you OK?’’ his father calls out. “Yes, I’m fine,’’ Fox replies, flashing a grin before hopping back on his board.He’s still a little boy, but Brunner just put on a skateboarding demonstration in Shanghai at the Kia World Extreme Games and soon will head to South Africa, where he’s again been invited to show off what some call prodigal skills.